First visit-first impression

So important. Never again we’ll have the same ‘clean brain’ attitude and instincts. 
Surroundings are also important. We can try to follow the spirit of the area or go against it. Neither way is going to be easy.


The most difficult, extenuating and less recognized part of the process. To find the right solution taking in consideration climate, environment, ornamental requirements and all kind of restrictions and limitations. A real puzzle. Sometimes adverse meteo conditions make everything quite challenging but, for the most part, the more and the better we work beforehand, the easiest it will be on site later on.

Job site

Perhaps my favorite part. The tension, the excitement for what’s coming next.

Soil preparation

The single most important step if there is one. If the soil is not going to be good enough plants will never thrive and we’ll struggle trying to understand what went wrong. “It’s the soil, stupid!” (quote from Lynden).

Plants delivery

Did I really order all those plants? What was I thinking… This is a phase I always go through when plants finally arrive. And then, magic, there is a place meant for everyone of them big or small.

First season

Even this early plants always find a way to surprise me. This is what I particularly like about them: they have a life of their own, evolve and “bloom” over the years: it is like if we participated to a birth process every single time.


In all of my projects the plants are kings and queens. They are very carefully chosen to adapt different climates and to give subtle and continuous pleasure in all four seasons.
They come from greenhouses all over Europe chosen by their high quality standards.
The ambitious goal is to get as close as possible to the amazing complexity and yet graceful combinations of the wild. A never ending quest…

Compost compost compost

A good compost is the base to a successful garden. If I could choose only one good quality product in the making of a new green space, it would definitely be the one.
Even minuscule puny plants will very quickly thrive in the best environment.
Nothing in the market can substitute a good home made compost and plants will reward us in the most beautiful way…