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My sources of inspiration go from big to small, from super famous Piet Oudolf and his highline to the tiny garden behind the corner.
My greater influence, perhaps comes from Lynden B Miller, not only a woman with an extraordinary energy but an amazing public garden designer.

a garden on the Atlantic coast

As ‘natural’ as you can get.

a garden on an island

This garden’s vegetation has to resist very harsh conditions: strong winds, hot temperatures, drought. The style is contemporary, the plants survivors.

a garden on the mediterranean coast

A natural cross between an English style garden and a Mediterranean one.

a garden in the “Langhe” wine country

Romantic, bold and old style all at the same time; and from the top of the hill, a fantastic view.

a university garden in Paris

The French base of Columbia University, Reid Hall is an incredible space hidden in the heart of Paris’ 6th arrondissement.

a garden on the Tuscany coast

A little bit of Miami in Forte dei Marmi, a very contemporary garden in shapes and plants selection.

a garden on the city hills

In this charming city garden the vegetation has been chosen to resist the challenges of climate changes, except for the areas where water from the hills still accumulates. The vision had to be necessarily as much ornamental as technical.

a garden with a view

Like a ship’s bow, this garden projects out into the sea. The design is bold with big waves of ornamental grasses, chosen for their drought tolerance.

a garden by the lake

A peaceful hideway with view on the Lake Garda. A contemporary garden where foliage and plants structures are the main characters.

a garden in the Alps

Right at the Italian border with France, a garden, an orchard and a vegetable garden to escape the city life.

a garden in Charente

In the French countryside but with breeze coming from the sea.

a garden in the city

A strong personality’s garden. To go along with.

a little garden in Milan

An oasis hidden in the middle of the city. Wilderness and flowers.

small gardens – terraces

Little gardens or terraces to make one’s life as green as possible.

Events – Jardins Jardin

the garden lovers fair in Paris

Events – a public square inauguration

Flowers everywhere: printed on cushions and playful big balls covered with fabric but also alive, in colourful combinations inside the industrial bins.