My sources of inspiration go from big to small, from super famous Piet Oudolf and his highline to the tiny garden behind the corner.
My greater influence, perhaps comes from Lynden B Miller, not only a woman with an extraordinary energy but an amazing public garden designer.

a garden on the hills

Romantic, bold and old style all at the same time; and from the top of the hill, a fantastic view.

a garden on the Atlantic coast

As ‘natural’ as you can get.

a garden on the mediterranean coast

A natural cross between an English style and a Mediterranean Garden.

a garden in the city

A strong personality’s garden. To go along with.

a garden in Charente

In the countryside but with breeze coming from the sea.
An effective collaboration with two friends and architects. Anna Regge ( and Elisa Campra (

little projects

Jardins Jardin